I said a hip hop a happy to the new year

And unpause.

Well hello fellow Kickers and Hoopers. As mentioned in previous posts Kicking Hoops started its life as a university assignment, but in time it became more of a pet project. Now the semester is over, the grades are in, and it’s time to get back to work.

Today was my New Year resolution start day. January 1 is too much pressure as I am often still on holidays and you would have to pry the camembert and prosecco out of my cold dead hands before the camping chairs are packed away and the sandy washing is finished. This means my resolutions also coincide with my first day back at my day job, which can be limiting in itself when first-day exhaustion sets in. My gym bag remains packed under my desk at work, but after this blog entry, I will be partaking in a little bedtime yoga courtesy of Yoga with Adrienne on the old Tube of You. Balance.

I have set many goals for this year, I am a sucker for a resolution or ten and figure the more I start with, the more chance I have at achieving a few! This year will be a little more relaxed as I look for hacks for a healthier sustainable lifestyle that will keep the inflammation and stress at bay and spoons in the top drawer.  You should have seen what I managed with some tinned tuna, microwavable rice and a packet of salad for dinner tonight to avoid a take away drive through. (In fact, you just might on the socials once I can get the hashtag down from #tinnedtunamicrowavablericeandapacketofsalad).

Nothing in Kicking Hoops is going to be perfect, even of the Insta kind. It may not always work out as planned, but I will persist in finding other ways to shoot my goals and have some fun doing it. I hope you come along for the ride, find some inspiration, share some knowledge and shorten my hashtags.

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